Jobs That Require No High School Diploma – Don’t Settle For Minimum Wage

Far too many people who receive minimum wage, just don’t deserve it! More and more every day, I see very bright people who could and SHOULD be making thousands per month, cleaning the toilets at the local pub. Simply because you don’t have a high level of formal education doesn’t mean your worth any less than the next guy! There aren’t too many jobs for people without high school diplomas, but here’s the best one that I have found.

I have found a solution to the minimum wage problem, and bear with me for a moment here,  visit It’s called article marketing. You’ve probably been exposed to one too many sales pitches by self proclaimed “gurus” about how internet marketing is going to make you an instant millionaire. Well I’m going to make something very clear for you, so I don’t waste your time. If you’re looking to get rich without working, or in a matter of a couple days, go visit another article! (Or buy a lotto ticket, because that’s the only actual way to achieve this goal.) Article marketing takes a while to learn how to do it right. You can’t expect to get filthy rich over night (although it does happen in very rare instances.)

I’ll give you a simple summary of what this involves so you know whether or not it’s right for you. Basically, as an article marketer, you work from your computer writing articles and blogs. In these articles and blogs you discuss different products/services that you either use or have researched, or even both. In these articles you leave links to the sellers, so that if someone reads your page and wishes to buy an item, they can do so from your link. These links have your user name embedded, so you get a commission for every item sold!


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